Creating content-centric workflows within Content Server has always been somewhat of a hit and miss situation. The OpenText core workflow engine provides basic functionality for simple processes, any attempt to re-model your current business processes using the tool and you will quickly run into problems.

WorkflowPlus extends Content Servers capabilities providing your workflow designers with functions such as sending custom email notifications, modifying workflow attributes, updating permissions and reassigning late workflow steps during the workflow.

WorkflowPlus provides several new step types to the Content Server workflow map painter and extends the capabilities of existing workflow steps, providing an intuitive interface, so your workflow designers can build complex workflows without needing to waste time on custom OScript code.

  • Send customized emails to any recipients
  • Attach external or Content Server content to your custom emails
  • Send multiple emails in a single step
  • Rename your workflow from the workflow
  • Update permissions within your workflow
  • Execute SQL queries to generate reports from workflows


Email Step

Email Step

Send custom emails from the workflow

Membership Step

Membership Step

Assign users to custom groups

Properties Step

Properties Step

Change an items properties during the workflow


  • Create complex workflows without using OScript
  • Update permissions or workflow names from within your workflow
  • Create flexible step and workflow due dates
  • Generate reports directly from your workflow

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