Supai 3Ddoc extends the basic functionality of OpenText Content Server, enabling you to rename favorites without renaming the original item, copy the permissions associated with a an object and access the categories assigned to items from directly within the folder browse view.

Have you avoided using categories, simply because of the amount of time it takes to set them up? Accidentally renamed a folder thinking it was a favorite? While Content Server provides a great environment for managing high value documents in a collaborative way, there are many small optimizations that could be made to improve its usability.

Supai 3Ddoc provides you with various functions, enhancing the usability of Content Server, such as a folder browse view with the metadata of the selected folder or document displayed in a panel, copy or move documents and retain either their original permissions or match them with the permissions of the target folder or give your favorites custom names without renaming the actual Content Server folders.

  • Dual-panel folder browse view, with metadata on the left and the normal folder browse on the right
  • View and update metadata in folder browse view
  • View group structure
  • Give favorites custom names
  • Set permissions when copying or moving documents within the copy/move step
  • Search for documents by deleted users


3d browse

3D Browse

View and edit metadata within the folder browser

Copy permissions

Copy Permissions

Specify in the move or copy step wether the document should keep its original permissions or match those of the target folder

Group Hierarchy

Group Hierarchy

Display the hierarchy of any group


  • Simple metadata editing
  • Easier permission control
  • Avoid accidental renaming
  • Find documents owned by deleted users

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