Supai Thumbnails provides OpenText Content Server users with the ability to browse folders and search results containing thumbnails of images and documents. It also provides powerful EXIF metadata facilities to assist in the easy location and identification of tagged content.

As the amount of images and documents on your Content server grows, the ability to actually find the correct documents declines. With users uploading documents directly from their mobile devices, file names such as “IMG_3029.png” are not uncommon.

Thumbnails provides you with a solution to your problem by providing a thumbnail browse view of your images and documents on Content Server, a bulk renaming tool, EXIF data display and a mouseover functionality to ease your search for documents.

With Supai Thumbnails the location of files takes a fraction of the time. With the built in mouseover function, providing the users with an even larger thumbnail, the difficult task of finding documents is simplified. Thumbnails are even included in the search results.

Help your users access their desired documents with the use of Thumbnails. This product for Content Server includes the following features:

  • Display a preview image of all documents in the folder browser
  • Display of thumbnails with the search results
  • Rename multiple documents simultaneously whilst viewing their thumbnail images
  • Display EXIF data and Geotagging information
  • Flexible configuration


Mouseover Function

Mouseover Function

Shows an enlarged preview of the image

EXIF data

EXIF data

Shows EXIF data of the image including location where the picture was taken

Renaming Function

Renaming Function

Rename all items within a folder whilst in the folder browse view


  • Locate documents and images in a fraction of the time
  • Save time on renaming documents
  • See where your photos were taken using EXIF data

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