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Our Services for OpenText Content Server

Supai Systems provides professional services and operational support to OpenText Content Server users worldwide. Our team of ECM experts help organizations deliver cost effective solutions to their Content Server challenges; connecting people, processes and content across the business.

OpenText is the leading independent provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. It’s ECM solutions are used by organizations and government agencies to store, track, and share high-value documents.

ECM implies a top-down approach, but its components are often used for specific purposes such as process control, regulatory compliance, or support for any business function that involves documentation. Our clients seek to reduce costs or increase the productivity of so-called unstructured content items such as status reports, invoices, air permits, standard operating procedures, marketing collateral, or contracts (to name a very few).


Supporting organizations looking for help starting out with their Content Server journey.

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Consulting and services to support your growing Content Server user requirements.

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Helping you to operate, maintain and upgrade your established Content Server platform.

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The people, processes and support you need to upgrade your Content Server environment.

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Helping you implement your business processes using Content Server Workflows.

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With Supai’s application support and maintenance for Content Server, help is guaranteed.

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Every Supai consultant receives functional and technical training on the OpenText Content Suite, but not even specialists could master every software product in the OpenText portfolio. We offer expertise specifically on the following modules and add-on products:

  • Advanced State Management (ASM)
  • Archive Server
  • Attribute Extensions
  • Automatic Document Numbering (ADN)
  • Brava!
  • Controlled Revision Tracking (CRT)
  • eSign
  • Object Importer
  • OpenText WebReports and ActiveView
  • Records Management (RM)
  • Regulated Documents
  • Syntergy Bulkloader
  • Transmittals Management
  • XML workflow extensions

Summary of services

  • OScript module development and upgrades
  • Workflow map design, forms, and event scripts
  • Form templates and customviews
  • WebReports
  • LiveReports
  • LAPI (C++ and Java)
  • Installation and support
  • SharePoint WebParts
  • UI enhancements with Ajax (including appearances and customviews)
  • Data migration (ETL - Extract, Transform, Load)

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