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Expanding Your OpenText Content Server Reach

Grow the reach of your OpenText Content Server

Having rolled out your initial Content Server project, you have now reached the most critical stage in the life of your deployment. It is at this point that many organizations make the unconscious decision as to whether they will continue with an enterprise roll-out or move to another platform because users are frustrated and administrators are unable to fully support them.

Supai’s ECM consultants are only too familiar with this situation. We are able to provide the business consulting and technical expertise you desperately need to ensure your continued success. We will configure Content Server workflows based on your business processes, connect or migrate data from external systems, or help with the development, installation or configuration of external solution modules. Our usability consultants are also available to assist with any user adoption questions you may have.

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Key features

  • OScript module development and upgrades
  • Form template and customview configuration
  • External data migration (ETL) services
  • Records management setup and configuration
  • WebReports & LiveReports development
  • Workflow development
  • Usability enhancements (including Appearances, CustomViews and ActiveView)


  • Experienced Content Server experts
  • Workflow process implementation, map design, forms and event scripts
  • Extensive knowledge of Content Servers best practices

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