Operating Your OpenText Content Server Environment

Operate and maintain a world-class Content Server environment

As an organization with a well established Content Server deployment, you’ll have your own unique set of needs. In many instances, very few staff from the original team remain with the project; most have moved to other roles or left the organization. This can leave substantial gaps in your knowledge, and an understanding of why things were done a certain way, or how new requirements should be met are likely unavailable. You need support and you need it done in a cost effective way.

The dedicated Content Server consultants here at Supai have a long history of helping organizations with their daily Content Server operations and upgrades. Our team can help you maintain your existing platform, implement new requirements, or migrate your environment and any customizations onto the latest Content Server version.

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Key features

  • Out-sourced Content Server operations and maintenance
  • Platform upgrades
  • Server patches and interface into OpenText support teams
  • OScript module development and upgrades
  • Usability enhancements (including Appearances, CustomViews and ActiveView)


  • Cost-effective daily operations and maintenance
  • Experienced Content Server developers and consultants
  • Improve your system performance
  • Extended and custom in-house training

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